Dieting NOT.

ImageSupposedly, I need to start my dieting plan today. But I didn’t really prepare myself for it. I forgot about my meal replacement. Arghs. Long day to go, so I have to eat something.

There isn’t any healthy food here around my workplace. Saprino’s  Caesar salad? Or walk to CitySquare to grab Subway? But I’m lazy & tired!

OMG!! Why I sooo FAT!?! Why didn’t I control my diet when I was younger? Why I didn’t exercise more often back in secondary school?

There was once I asked my sister, ‘How come never control my diet??’ & She said, ‘Last time chubby chubby very cute mah, but now.. errrrrr.’ 

LOL! Bloody hell. Now, I can only depend on my own.

Dear girl, you’re pretty, really…. when you slim down. So move your ass. Go buy yourself a pair of good sport shoes & stop bloody complaining that jogging is really bad for your knees. Nobody ask you to run 5km every time. Or bloody hell wake up earlier to swim. Big walk or whatsoever. You can do it, okay! Get a healthier life.


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