Feel like giving up.

My whole life, I have never felt studying can be so tedious. Maybe, it’s because I’m working & studying full time. Yea, at the same time. I really wish I can stop working or rather, work as part time & fully focus on studying. But, nah.. my finance don’t allow me to do that.

I need the money to pay my computer loan I got when I was in poly; which is compulsory (bloody hell got lousy Acer laptop for $1.7k when I could actually buy a Macbook, Arghs!) as well as paying for my school fees; both polytechnic’s and university’s && also to return my aunt our desktop computer money. Ohgawd, help me!

Okay, so now I’m studying Principles of Sociology, which is totally killing me. I mean, I read the notes I can understand but… its just too much… the words, I feel like they can buried me already; given that I’m big size. Just imagine.

& guess what, this is just one of the modules I’m taking.. Ohgawd, I don’t know how to deal with the rest. Arghs!


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