A smile.


Amazingly, how much a smile can do.

Surprisingly, how each smile means.

Honestly speaking, not all smiles are genuine.

There are certain times where we were forced to put on a smile. Don’t say you don’t because you really do.

For this instance, my cousins and I, together with my siblings came up with this rule, ‘Nod your head and just smile’ in cases when my gamgam starts to nag so that she will stop. funny, isn’t it.

Some other cases, when I walked on the street, saw someone whom I don’t really like but still, I smiled just to be polite. Sometimes, even when I’m feeling really down, I smile.

Most of the time, I smile is to show people that I’m alright, I’m fine & everything positive. & sometimes, I did this so often that I can’t differentiate which is real.

Do you feel the same way too?


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