A new hairstyle.

I have never felt this good before. Its like.. having a new life, a new beginning.

Okay.. as you can see.. I shaved a side of my head.

Main reason: to grow new hair. My hair is really damaged. So once that side has grown I might consider shaving the other side.

Other reasons: New changes. Trying to find me. Being different. Attention seeking.

Comments from most people: Crazy.

Comments from least people: Love it.

Comments from closest family: Brave. Daring. Cool.

Well, it doesn’t actually matter what people think of me or my new hairstyle. All it matters, is what I feel & what I think.

So maybe you should MYOB & STFU. Don’t shake your dirty head, & say words that you wanna bring me down. So much for being a ‘FAMILY’ 


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