Happy New Year Y’all!

Did you had a great start?

Have you set your new year’s resolutions?

Well.. I had to work on New Year. But at least, I was paid more so it wasn’t that bad. As my life gets more hectic each year, coping with more & more issues in life, I lost balance.

It’s really hard to balance everything but I’m trying. Sometimes, I just wishes that I was born rich. Maybe in that way, I won’t be that exhausted & pressurized. & Yes, I envy those with parents who support them throughout their educational years. & Yes, I envy those people who get to go overseas at least once a year without worrying about budget. & Yes, I envy those young people are able to get what they want just by asking. Life will be easier, isn’t it?

Talking about New Year’s Resolution.. My main resolution of the year is to lose weight. -50kg is the target. So every month at least, -4.167kg, everyday at least, 0.1369kg. Seems easy to achieve huh?

I am fat, & I know it. There are many ways to lose weight. No time to attend Yoga or other fitness lessons because I have to work & attend school & with my schedule not fixed, it’s just not feasible. Low/no carb diet, kinda hard.. because I really love food! To exercise everyday, I’m a lazy person. Easier way, liposuction, but I got no money. HAHAHA. Damn, maybe I’m destined to be fat all my life.

Okay, enough of jokes. I will exercise because I love food. Healthier but good food. I will wake up earlier, hopefully, to exercise. I will be determined to lose all those fats to prove everyone I can do it too.

Dear fat people, there are many people who say fat can be beautiful too. Some are sincere about it but some are just empathising us. Being fat, its really unhealthy. We are more prone to severe illness compared to those who are of acceptable weight. If you realise, people joke about fat people more often than any other people. Its either you live with it or change for the better. If I can do it, you can too!


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