Been quite sometime.


I know I haven’t update my blog for quite sometime already. Been really busy, coping with what is thrown at me. First of all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Belated, of course.

This year’s celebration was a bit different. Not so family anymore. I don’t really know how to describe it. So anyway, steamboat at our house. Cousin took care of almost everything. So all we have to do, is pay and appear. Easy job huh.

After midnight, my mom brought us to JB and play fireworks at a really empty space. Kinda exciting tho. Especially when this time round, my little cousins tagged along & enjoy the moments seeing them scare. *I’m not a pervert* LOL. Actually, its my mom who put most of the fireworks & she burnt her thumb for one of which we didn’t expect it actually exploded. Luckily, just the thumb. We also put Kong Ming Deng, & I wrote a lot of wishes.

Anyway, when we were driving back to my mom’s friend’s pub, I was sitting beside her & I could smell a burning smell, the kind of smell you get during BBQ. We all laughed. Back to the pub, we sing karaoke & play pool all the way till 5/6am. & yes, this is really fun.

Back home, about 7 already. Saw grandma busy with preparation for Mee Sua. *Yearly tradition for HengHua Dialect* Sis & I helped her out a little. Damn tired already but yea.. We need to.

After helping out, I had the best sleep I ever had. HAHAHA. Just me & my bed. LOL. After which, its a boring day for me. I stayed at home, nothing to do. *Forever alone. 😥 *

& 2nd day of CNY, Went to visit Great-granduncle & to eat his annual braised chicken wings & I swear its the best. Every year CNY, the only thing I look forward to. ((: I wish I have taken a picture of it. Heh.

Later at night, its another round of steamboat & this time round at my uncle’s house. Actually, it’s more delicious than the one we had at our own home. Hehe. Got Abalone somemore.. All the good stuffs we can get. (:

Got to go home early as the next day I need to work. Damn tired tho, but for the money I have to do it!

After this festive season, back to normal life, the even more boring life. ): Who would want to colour my life, with special events, with dates, with love?

Anyway, I’m 1 kg down. hehehehe. JYJYJYJY!! ((:


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