I have a new friend.

This new girl join our company for a few months already & yes.. I really like her. Maybe its because we are of the same age, we bonded really well I guess. She makes me feel not so alone at work. Even tho I start SHK again.

Oh well. I need it anyway. Tho, we are born in the same year, but our life is at different phase. I’m studying for better education and working to pay off the school fees. But she’s already married with a child. Much much faster than I am. & I hope she is really happy! (:

&& she’s a really very sweet girl. Because we were both working on Valentines Day, to us.. It seems to be just another day. But while she was buying for snacks, she actually bought a chocolate rose for me. Impromptu but really thoughtful.


& tho, we are very different.. I sure hope that our friendship can last long because it has been sometime I felt that way. (:


Hey you, thanks for being in my life. Love you!! ((:


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