How awesome my life is?

Okay, I should stop complaining about my life sometimes & start to think of positive stuffs.

This year, as I’ve thought, that I would be having or rather, not even a boring birthday celebration because it was study period for upcoming exams. UOL is a killer uni! ):

I’m 22 this year. & yes, I’m getting older. No doubts that responsibilities in life grow as well. But, I’m glad to say that awesome people in my life stayed with me, years after years. & yes, I’m blessed!

Just as I thought that no one cares, there are plenty. Just that I wasn’t content with it, I wish I have someone more than just friend, more than just family. I was not content with whatever my life has & whine whine whine. *Okay, shut up*

Anyway, this year I had the most awesome birthday. My celebration lasted for almost a week, with different people from different phases of my life.

10032012: It was just a simple family gathering with cousins & some friends coming over to our house for Steamboat, BBQ & Mahjong. It wasn’t even my birthday celebration only until later of the night, a birthday cake appear. (‘: Awwww.. who would have thought, at the age of 22 still gets this kind of birthday celebration from my very own family members. I love them, yes I will forever. *Photos to be uploaded soon*

11o32012 Part 1: I had dinner with my sister, Robin and lil bro. Earlier of the day, back to what was planned like months ago, I was studying Accounting. Stress max. Sister was called back for work till 7pm. Dinner was decided to be somewhere near our home for our convenience & less time will be wasted. I didn’t have any cravings & since my lil bro wanted to eat Japanese food, we decided to go to Jurong Point’s Ichiban Sushi & after that chilled at Bakerzin. We also make use of the  manpower we have & bought some household items from NTUC & headed back home. Awesome dinner with family. ❤

11032012 Part 2: Back to studies. Room & bed were messy, damn messy. I was stunned at what happened next. Jaslyn & Zining appeared in my room with a cake! So many things went through my mind the moment I saw them. ‘What was I wearing, my bed, my table! OMG!’ Ever since, I’ve moved to this new house, they hadn’t been to here. I have always wanted to invite them over when the house is nicely cleaned, yea especially my room. LOL. & Now that they are here, its a ‘Oh no!’ feeling. Haha. So they came in, & sang birthday song. I was surprise. I felt kinda bad, cos it was late already & we can’t make too much noise. They can’t stay for long either, if not I wouldn’t let them leave! My house isn’t that entertaining as compared to my other friends. Well, I promised them I would invite them over again & the only thing I can offer is.. Food! hehe. Thanks Besties ❤ *Photos to be uploaded soon*

12032012: Celebration with Poly Year 1 girlfriends, Jennica, ShuWen & Zhihui at Vivo City’s Carnivore. Beef & fish were freaking awesome! A treat from them, a flower & a cake! Nice catching up with them as long as they don’t start the K-POP craziness. *I’m not a K-POP fan* I wore this new wedges I bought online which caused huge blisters on my heels. Crazy day. So I went home early & back to studies or did I? Thanks girlfriends! ❤

15032012: Out for dinner after work with 2  ‘tall’ crazy girls, Iani & Fizah at Plaza Singapura’s Pizza Hut. Waited for them to do their hair. Iani has just done a crazy dye to her hair, awesome red *supposedly pink*. We had normal chats before the dinner. Just as we’ve eaten, somebody must have put alcohol in their drinks. Cos they literally turned crazy. HAha. Photos & Video were taken. They fed me with Cake & Ice-cream with their crazily way. Iani almost broke my teeth & Fizah keep complaining about needing to fart. (: & yes, I had a good time with them. Thanks babes for the dinner & craziness.

16032012: Met up with Fizah to get my present given by MGB’s family. A bag from Guess. Love it! Thanks to Mama Serena, Mama Jessie, JiDong, Sheila Kak & Cathy. After which, met up with Jaslyn & Zining to have dinner at Princep St’s  Strictly Pancakes. I had Smoked salmon Pancakes with Rum & rasin butter. Kinda awesome but it was overly filling. After the dinner, we all are like.. suffering from bloated tummy. HAHs. After which we walked to 313 Somerset & then to Mandarin Gallery to chill & chat & chat. Actually, we wanted to go to Jas’ house for K but unfortunately we can’t. SO… Then, I went to meet sis & back home. But still.. Thanks Besties for the treat! (: ❤ ❤ *Photos to be up soon!*

Meanwhile, Thanks everyone who had wished me having a Happy birthday on Twitter, Facebook, Whatapps, Phone call, SMSes.. Thanks a lot! Very much appreciated! Thanks to everyone who has been there for me, like always!

See.. I have an awesome life with awesome people. Yes, I’m blessed. So stop complaining kay, Adorer. (:


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