I know I shouldn’t have.

Humans are ironic creatures. For example, they don’t like people saying negative comments about them but they still want to listen & then get mad at the comments or the people who said them. & that’s totally me.

Why my grandmama cant be like my grandpapa from Malaysia? Why is she sooo money-minded? Why can’t she keep her mouth shut? Why can’t she see that all her grandchildren are paying back what their parents had ‘owed’ her? Just shut up & moved on already.

Keeping saying that it’s an embarrassing matter to our family & yet she goes around telling everyone that no one treats her right. Oh come on. Acting like a small child. Get angry over small matters. Do things willingly and complain about it.

Dear grandmama

Why do you always have to piss me off & spoil my days. Yes, days! Why cant you be more appreciative? Why do you have such a foul mouth saying bad things? Why do you always live in the past?



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