The closure.

Its his birthday today & Ive decided the closure of the end of our relationship 2 years ago to be today.

I sent him this,

” Hey boy, Happy Birthday! This is prolly the last time I’m gonna wish you or send you  message. Well, it has been more than 2 years. I havent got a proper closure that I shld have gotten long time ago & I guess this shall be the day. Prolly the best gift I could ever give it to you & irah. Great to know that you’re happier & blissful than ever! I was a pain in the ass, I know. Sorry I was so blinded by my own selfishness that I failed to see you werent happy being with me & tt you have to force yourself to love me. You didnt have to do that bcos I wont appreciate it. I got hurt so much tt I held on to tt pain to get me thru every single day when you werent there. But today, its the closure, Im letting go everything that has something to do with you. You will never have to hear my name again, see me or my message, anything with connected to me. Poofs & I’m gone, I dont exist at all. This is like youre new born, new memories. Erase me. The bad & worst memories. Bcos today, I will do the same. Just in case, Irah sees this. Dont worry. Im not doing anything to jeopardise your relationship. Im just being selfish for the one last time & do smthing for myself, having a closure & i hope you wld understand. Words may spread ard, bad ones I dont really care. Bcos I wld never be in the same group of friends with you guys anymore. I promise I wld leave so that you all wont have to ever have any contact with me or hear my name. I wld try my best so that everyone, once again get back to their old lives & enjoy again without the extra one, the outsider. Anyway, sorry to bother agn, thanks tho. Have a great life. Take good care & be well. Goodbye. (: ”

The last wish. The last selfishness I have. The last conversation. The last hello & goodbye.

I deleted his number. I deleted everything that has to do with him. He will be relived & I will be too.


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