I exploded.

I’ve stopped writing for awhile because I couldn’t keep up with my feelings. Overwhelmed. Writing ease my pain and my anger, knowing its a better place to vent the feelings which might hurt other people. But I didn’t have enough time to vent whatever inside me by writing. I exploded.

I ain’t a perfect person and no one does. I made mistakes and offended people without knowing that I did, according to some other people. To me, I didn’t feel it was wrong. To think of it, maybe my words were too harsh. But I’m just being me. This is me. I say what I want to say.

I can’t change and I can’t leave these people. They are family, the most comfortable group of people I can hang out with. Instead of me changing, why not give in a little and just be a little more open-minded. I like to make small jokes, so don’t take it too seriously. I sound too serious while ordering food at a restaurant, because I’m serious about my food and why should I be like joker. I feel that I am polite enough. It’s not like I was shouting my order at the waiter/waitress. I don’t understand what wrong with that.

When I talk, its too much. When I don’t, I’m showing attitude. Tell me what should I do.

Honestly speaking, I have many people I could have talked to with regards to what I feel every now and then. But they ain’t the right person/people. Either that or why should I be hindering someone else’s life with my feeling and my problems. It’s none of their business, right?

What should I do? I can’t possibly just stay home and be quiet. I’m already lazy enough.


I need to exercise. How do people spend so much time in the gym?




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