I have never in life hated anybody. The most was disliking some people but not to the extent of hating. But now I hate somebody, I hate her, I hate my grandmother. The person who made my life miserable, made my family’s lives a living hell.

Never would I thought the person I hate will be someone whom I used to respect so much.

Things she never know, how much we sacrificed for her, how much we gave in to her, how much we respected her, how much we wanted her to be happy. She will never listen. To her, whatever she says its right, whatever she thinks its always true.

I have always been accused of things I never did. For example, just a few days ago, she accused me of stealing her money while she was bathing which obviously I didn’t. I told her I didn’t and asked her what time did she went to bathe. She said 9 plus in the morning and so I told her I was already at work, how am I supposed to be there to steal her money? Teleport?! What’s funnier is that she still can say I lied.

Okay, nevermind. I treat it as she being crazy. ย & then this fking morning, she started to shout at me that I steal her morning. & changed her story that she saw me stealing her money in her own eyes. JOKE! She spoiled my mood early in the morning at 7am when I’m preparing to go for work.

In my life so far, and I have met many grandmothers, friend’s or distant relatives. No one is like her. She lies. In her eyes, there’s only $$. Why can’t she be the kind of grandmother who happily look after grandchildren without whining, or the kind of grandmothers who teach meaningful life lessons to grandchildren, or the kind of grandmothers who feel contented with life, with children and grandchildren by your side, be contented to have a house to live in, be content to have people who care.

Hating her makes me feel evil. I don’t want to hate her. But things she did, some I can never forgive. I gave in everytime. I shut my ears every time. Not just this incident, there were many others. I didn’t retaliate doesn’t mean I don’t know or I don’t care. Its because I respected her. I don’t know how much longer I can stay this way.


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