Being treated like a little girl.


I am not the girly girl kind. I am tough, I laugh loudly and I curse a lot. (:

I love it especially when guys treat me like a girl, a little girl, a vulnerable & needs protection kind of girl. (This is not about love.)

Maybe it’s because I have always been independent. I have always been the big sis. I have always been able to walk home alone in the middle night without worries, carrying heavy bags, cooking my own dinner etc etc. I can do a lot of things on my own.

So when guys treat me like a proper girl, I feel happy. Genuinely blessed. & I’m blessed to have this kind of friends. I remember once these two friends walking me home even though it was a very short distance and totally out of their way. I remember this guy insisting of getting me home first even though the cab will have to go an extra distance to reach his destination. I remember these few guys making sure I’m sheltered and not feeling cold. I remember this other guy lent me his jacket (& surprisingly it fits me even though he was much slimmer) home because I was cold. && I remember this guy who would always pat my head when he sees me like I’m his little sister.

It is these little actions that make me remember them as well as putting a smile on my face. Always & ever even though most of whom I have not met for a long time.

So guys, treat every girl the way a girl should be treated. We are not asking you to shower us with verbal love, money or gifts. Just a single pat on the head can make a girl smile all day.

*After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I kinda miss the feeling of heart racing or thinking about a guy every night (not about sex). I kinda miss holding hands, movie dates, kisses & hugs*


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