What you give is not always what you will get.

There are many times in life I wonder why I give so much, especially to people who are very close to me.

Maybe sometimes they don’t realise it, but it hurts me sometimes. Like I’m really unimportant to them. Like I’m always second, third or last…

It becomes more obvious when there’s only a few of us. Comparison is easier to make, especially to others. It’s obvious that I was less loved. Maybe I think too much. But I do feel the difference. We weren’t very same at the beginning anyway.. Our relationship is just long term, i’ll say.

But people who came across in my life, I will never treat them differently over time unless they chose to leave me. Or else, I will just love them more than ever.

I’m a loyal person. I don’t give up on people. I will always give my 100%whenever I can. Even if they are just using me, or me being unimportant to them… it doesn’t matter. I’ll never stop loving & caring. Well, that’s me.


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