Current Location: Ikea Alexandra

Reason: Accompany relatives to shop for furniture.

Why envy?

They are shopping for their house, home.

I don’t really have a place called home. I have a place to stay but not a home.

I will be moving soon.. to my sister’s new house. I was happy & excited about moving in with my sister, a place we could finally call our own though I know someone new will be in the same house. As you can see.. I said ‘was’. Because I’m no longer happy. I felt unwelcome, unwanted.. a burden. I wasn’t alone.. my brother and mom will be there as well. But I know we are obstacles to my sister. My sister wanted us to be finally together but someone else feel otherwise.

I wish I had a normal family so that we would not be a burden to my sister. I feel both grateful and sorry for my sister. I know we have been relying on our sister for so long and caused her much sadness. I am such a failure. As much as I want to protect them, I can’t.

If only I have enough money to buy a house of our own. If only.



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